Since Homo Erectus, people-kind has always been that little bit more smug towards their fellow animals. We pride ourselves on being smarter than the average grizzly and slowly over thousands of years we discovered and invented many extraordinary things; we found that food tasted much better when heated between tepid and burnt, something other animals have yet to figure out; clothing and layers can protect not only our modesty but our lives from unfriendly environments. We didn’t evolve fur to protect us from the cold, we just nicked it off a mammoth.

From inside one of these came the wheel…

Slowly our brains began outrunning nature’s natural selective, albeit extemporaneous, evolutionary strategy and here we are now, lording over a world having invented the concept of monetary worth and devaluing everything, especially the lives of others, in consequence. But surely the wheel is way up there with one of our best ideas? It’s the first prizewinner in any prehistoric design competition and if we are so clever, there’s a question that needs answering. Why did we not attach wheels (invented millennia ago) to our luggage until the 1970s? The answer is of course political. Luggage owners had ‘lower classes’ to carry bags, porters with wheeled trollies. The apotheosis of this curiously late technology is of course Mr. He Liangcai from China… Man on a suitcase

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