Sixteen months ago (Jesus), I can scarcely remember being as I had been since 1995. I was ensconced in a beautiful Norfolk farmhouse (yes, the windows needed doing) and all too happy with a cellar uniquely customised to my needs. This meant magazines, books, photos, Mac tech, umpteen folders full of life-detritus and personal ornaments. I think the word is ‘happy’. But the person whose happiness was more important to me than my own was uncomfortable. Primarily she wanted and needed land for her horses (land is at a ridiculous premium in this part of the world). She was all too aware that where we were living was being developed and she had no enthusiasm to live in a small holiday let village, one that even now is still being built. We moved, our simply perfect dog died (in fact today I scattered her ashes into her beloved sea) and we started the building project that would eventually convert our Grade 2 listed cottage into something a trifle more modern and finish the building of what we have christened ‘the cabin in the woods’.


Well, we are now living in the CITW – the cottage is scaffolded and cold. I have no means of maintaining ice or TV reception but we are ridiculously happy and I have to say that this has come as a bit of a surprise. I’m not suggesting that relationships crumble at the first glimpse of adversity but the worse things became (paradise perhaps to a Syrian refugee) the closer we got. The modern comfort of the CITW seems now almost to be lavish and five star hotel-like. Upstairs boasts a small single bedroom, a magnificent bathroom (small but magnificent) and a double room which receives the full force of the sunrise – no curtains as yet but visitors be aware that curtains will come.

Yes, there’s a long way to go (a kitchen still needs to be built at the cottage and that’s another three months, sigh) but there is light at the end of the (you know the cliché). I’ll be posting a video on Facebook of the state of the cottage today (22 Feb 2016) and a leisurely look at the exterior and interior of the ‘cabin in the woods’.

Cottage _Scaffold

Stay tuned…

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