Computer problems that occur often, daily and even more frequently are usually either simply endured or sorted out with recourse to some wonderful soul out there bobbing on the Digisea, the ocean of online information. Not only has someone experienced your problem, there’s someone out there who has fixed it and broadcasted that fix. Take Mac Mail’s very helpful option of allowing you to select an email address and copy it with a simple right-click drop down menu. Well, the resulting copied information says a great deal about Apple. Within Mail this option works seamlessly as you paste inside an email address box. No ugly email address shows as the full name of the person is decorously displayed. Paste anywhere else (like in a Wetransfer address field for example) and the name of that person is pasted before the info you really want, the email itself which here is contained within chevrons. Apple would have us all working in an Apple bubble. This once great extraordinary company does not play well ‘outside’. This copy and paste facet has been annoying me for years and I never dreamed I could correct it. I simply lived with it. I have grudgingly clicked at the start of the pasted actual email address and manually deleted the user’s name and the chevrons at the start and end. Not any more. Look what I found.

How to fix the copy address “feature” in Mac OSX Mail client

In essence, quit Mail, open Terminal, copy and paste this line in and hit return.

defaults write AddressesIncludeNameOnPasteboard -boolean No

Quit and re-open up Mail and voilà, only email addresses copied. Substitute ‘No’ for ‘Yes’ if you want it to go back to the dark times, before the empire.

Alas this internet trawl for answers does not work for one of the truly greatest frustrations of modern life. If anyone can point to a page which explains the volatile and capricious nature of MS Word’s spellchecker language setting (and how to fix the bastard), I’d appreciate it. Needless to say but hey, I’ll say it… UK English writers find their choices overridden within seconds as they type. The closest I’ve come to getting it is understanding that the choice of UK/US English is dependent on the operating system’s settings, not Word’s. Well I’ve tripled checked and all mine are English UK, British UK and not a US button checked in sight. And still, my documents flag misspelled words like ‘colour’ and ‘apologise’. I guess the simple answer is change word processors… But, for me better the devil I know really well.

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